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Special Needs Planning

We Care

Many have asked why we do special needs planning.  We believe, in our hearts, that we have a responsibility to those who depend on us to make a conscious decision about their future and welfare - or else we leave their future life up to chance.

We have found that by not making a decision for our family's future, we have made the decision that we will leave their fate up to fortune and good luck.  It's not that we don't care; but many times, we just don't think about these things.  Naturally, we all think that there is plenty of time to plan for the future.

Many times, our families who depend on us have no voice or choice in these decisions, even though they will affect their lives - forever!

Please use this opportunity to plan for your family rather than leave their fate to fortune and good luck - luck is not a plan!

Why is Special Needs Planning important?

There are many intricate details to consider when planning for your special needs dependents that may be overlooked otherwise. For example, did you know that special needs dependents with over $2,000 in assets can lose all of their government benefits? The process for special needs planning is the same as the financial planning process, but will be done through the lens of very specific special needs concepts.

What are some of the extra considerations when planning for special needs dependents? These can include, but are not limited to:

  • More costs to take care of your dependent with special needs
  • Government benefits that have strict eligibility requirements
  • Special tax write-offs for certain expenses
  • Guardianship and proper estate planning
  • More communication with family and friends about your financial plan
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